The iPad Reviews Are Out

The embargo from Apple to the writers who had been given review units was lifted last night. At 9:00 pm last night, my Twitter feed was flooded by authors posting their reviews. I spent most of my evening reading a great many of them. I wanted to share the few that I thought were best. * John Gruber: iPad (3) * Jim Dalrymple: Review: iPad third generation * Jason Snell: Review: The third-generation iPad * MG Siegler: The New iPad Makes Apple’s Tablet Domination Clearer Than Ever * Joshua Topolsky: iPad review (2012) The consensus: The retina display is a sight to see.

Visualizing the iPad 3 Screen

David Smith has posted an excellent comparison of the iPad 3 screen when stacked up against the various resolutions of existing iOS devices, Apple notebook machines and desktops. He makes an good point when talking about the insanely high resolution of a retina display on a 9.7" screen:

This will present problems for developers and designers of iPad apps unless Apple also releases a new display with either a higher resolution or a HiDPI mode. Otherwise we will no longer be able to view 1:1 mockups or run the simulator at full size without clipping part of the view. Check out the comparison chart he made on his site.