This page was last updated on October 15th, 2014. The further ahead today's date is from this time, the more likely the information below may be out-of-date.

My photos are created either using my Canon 40D and processed using iPhoto on my Mac Pro, or on my iPhone 6 Plus, or my iPad 3 using iPhoto for iOS, and posted directly from the Phone. Most of my pictures end up on Flickr or on Instragram. Any videos that I film are shot or my iPhone 5S and edited in either iMovie (OSX or iOS version), or Final Cut Pro X which usually end up on Vimeo. I

I store and sync on files Dropbox, without which my life would be a lot harder. This web site is hosted by Squarespace. Any non-standard web fonts seen on the site are hosted by Typekit. It is a responsive design which uses CSS Media Queries to scale to fit your browser width. My domains are registered with Hover.

Articles and links are published through Squarespace's CMS on my Mac Pro or my iPad or iPhone 5S using the Squarespace iOS app. Analytics are tracked using Google Analytics and Squarespace's built-in analytics. I sometimes compose longer posts in Byword or BBEdit on OS X or Editorial on iOS first before transferring them to Squarespace.

Any code editing on any of my project sites is done using BBEdit and uploaded using Transmit. When I need to compare diffs, I use Kalidescope.

My personal email is hosted by the lovely folks at Fastmail, a fast & reliable IMAP email provider.

Web standards are imperative. I try to adhere to them. My HTML should validate as either HTML 5 or XHTML 4.01 Transitional, its layout is constructed using valid CSS, and its syndicated feed is valid RSS.

I have comments turned off on my site. Matt Gemmell penned an excellent post on the subject of not having comments on, which succinctly describes why I have them off. MG Siegler wrote a nice post as well which I also agree with. In short, if you wish to reply, do so over Twitter or on your own website. This website happens to be mine, therefore only I decide which pixels appear on it.

If this website looks odd on your current browser, you're probably using a shitty browser that doesn't support web standards, such as Internet Explorer. You should upgrade to a browser made by competent people.

If you complain about this, I will laugh at you, because I do not care. If however, you are using a modern, standards-compliant browser and have trouble viewing or reading, please do let me know.

Note: Bits of text from this page were blatantly stolen borrowed from @gruber because that guy is awesome.