The iPad Reviews Are Out

The embargo from Apple to the writers who had been given review units was lifted last night. At 9:00 pm last night, my Twitter feed was flooded by authors posting their reviews. I spent most of my evening reading a great many of them. I wanted to share the few that I thought were best. * John Gruber: iPad (3) * Jim Dalrymple: Review: iPad third generation * Jason Snell: Review: The third-generation iPad * MG Siegler: The New iPad Makes Apple’s Tablet Domination Clearer Than Ever * Joshua Topolsky: iPad review (2012) The consensus: The retina display is a sight to see.


Stamped App Logo John Gruber at Daring Fireball writes:: "New social network/recommendation engine, which like Instagram, is debuting with but a single interface: a native iPhone app. The premise is simple and ambitious: you “stamp” things that you enjoy and recommend. There aren’t different types of stamps. There’s no rating from 0-5 or anything like that. Just stamped. What kind of things can you stamp? All sorts of things: restaurants, places, books, movies, music." "Stylish, distinctive, nice-branded UI, too"

Stamped describes itself as:

Stamped is a new way to recommend only what you like best—restaurants, books, movies, music and more. No noise, no strangers, just the things you and your friends love. Read their entire introductory blog post.