Rare Photographs Of The Titanic

Jason Kottke, at Kottke.org has posted a wonderful piece on old photographs from the Titantic, before it sank. I love seeing old photos such as these, especially of historic places or events, before the event itself took place. So much of the time we think about the event itself, but not what the place, object, person or setting was like prior to this famous historic event happening. Jason writes:

I was under the impression that not many photographs of the Titanic existed...especially those taken on the ship. But amateur photographer Francis Browne was aboard the Titanic from Southampton to Cobh, Ireland and captured many images of the ship's interior, exterior, and voyage. The photos were widely known in the aftermath of the sinking but have been little seen since then. Make sure you check out Jason's post, as there is an additional gem at the bottom showing a screenshot of twitter displaying the ignorance and/or naivety of today's youth.