Making Apple Butter

This past weekend, my family got together with some friends (and a ton of planning on the part of my Dad) and held our 2nd annual Apple Butter cooking day.

This year's stats:

  • 17 bushels of Stayman Apples
  • 75 lbs of sugar (25 lbs less than last year)
  • 1 dram of clove oil
  • 1.1 fl oz of cinnamon oil
  • 1.1 oz of powdered nutmeg

The copper kettle in the photos is a 50 gallon kettle. We started peeling apples on Friday at 10:00 AM and were finished by 3:00 PM. We started the fire under the kettle around 5:30 AM Saturday morning, adding the first bushels of apples + some apple vinegar. The apples were then ground through the antique grinder you see in the photos and added to the kettle. By 9:00 AM we had all of the apples grinded and added to the pot. Around 3:00 PM in the afternoon we removed the fire from the kettle and began canning. Total 2013 yield: 143 quarts of Apple Butter or 35.75 gallons.

Housman Puppy 2.0

You can thank Marco for that title. I finally relented and gave up my fight with Steff to get a second dog. Given that Bertie is very attached to a Cavalier that lives next door who he plays a lot with, and where we're moving to has hardly any neighboring dogs, Steff has wanted to get a 2nd puppy for some time now.

I figured that a second dog for Bertie to get used to and to play with would be good for him (and the new puppy). Steffanie found a breeder not far from the new house, so we drove down to Literally In The Middle of Nowhere, VA today to meet her and the puppy.

Here are the pictures:


Drew Geraci has produced yet another excellent time-lapse video, this time of midtown New York City. Drew is a well known time-lapse videographer that I'm a big fan of. You've probably seen his work before and not even realized it, especially if you watch the Netflix original show, House of Cards, which he did the intro credit sequence for. Drew has also previously been featured on my site for his Washington DC time-lapse and the time-lapse he did for the Washington Times of President Obama's second inauguration.

So This Is Happening

Future location of the Housman household.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, a couple of days after we signed papers.

As to what it will look like? Neither of the following two photos are of our house, or our exact house's future look OR the colors we picked, but it should give you a general idea. The first photo shows the garage configuration, with the doors facing the road. The problems with this photo is that is lacks the rock base around the home and porch, and the garage has a side extension, which we aren't getting. This second photo gives you an example of the rock base around the home & porch, but keep in mind it has the dormers on the roof and the garage is facing the wrong way - both of which we aren't getting.