5by5 Morning Zoo Editor's Cut

Internet friend Ted Severson made one gem of an audio clip.

On a recent 5by5 AD, Dan and Merlin were throwing around the idea of a 5by5 Morning Zoo. Here’s what I think should be the first promo for said show. If like me you are a huge fan of 5by5.tv, and specifically Dan and Merlin's riffs on a hypothetical morning zoo show, you need to go listen to this.

Developing on a Mac vs a PC

Marco Arment: "It's like a first-world/third-world kinda computer today."

Dan Benjamin: "Right! No, exactly!"

Marco Arment: "It's like if your instructions to someone, are like, 'Uh, how do I hook up this water filter?' Ok well first, you hook this up to your sink. And like, 'Well, I don't have a sink.'

Merlin Mann chuckling in the background.

Dan Benjamin: "Here's how to get this...right.."

Merlin Mann: "Let me get you a different pamphlet."

Dan Benjamin: "And you know Marco, that's an excellent point. It is a very very different world on the other side."

The best description I've heard, in years, about the differences and difficulties in developing open standards oriented web applications on a Macintosh vs a PC platform. You need to listen to the 5by5 Special #4: Kindacritial which aired yesterday.

The Rules

Merlin Mann, writing on Kung Fu Grippe:

The Two key Rules of the Grocery Store

It's really very simple: 1. if you're in the way, keep moving 2. if you stop moving, get out of the way. This is Ape Law, and we must teach it to our young.

I wish this were required reading. I wish that all people must first pass a test in which they're required to prove that they've memorized these two rules before acquiring their Grocery Store Shopping License™ and being allowed to buy food.


Stop what you're doing. Actually, you don't have to stop what you're doing, right now, but please reserve a few hours of listening time over the next day or so in order for you to do these things. 1. Listen to Back to Work, episode #12 - "Chewie's Medal Is Not Canonical". 2. Listen to the 'After Dark' portion of the show. 3. Go read "Cranking" on 43folders. 4. Listen to Back to Work, episode #13 - "THE KID'S GREAT". 5. Listen to the 'After Dark' portion of the show. Merlin is awesome.