5by5 Morning Zoo Editor's Cut

Internet friend Ted Severson made one gem of an audio clip.

On a recent 5by5 AD, Dan and Merlin were throwing around the idea of a 5by5 Morning Zoo. Here’s what I think should be the first promo for said show. If like me you are a huge fan of 5by5.tv, and specifically Dan and Merlin's riffs on a hypothetical morning zoo show, you need to go listen to this.

Developing on a Mac vs a PC

Marco Arment: "It's like a first-world/third-world kinda computer today."

Dan Benjamin: "Right! No, exactly!"

Marco Arment: "It's like if your instructions to someone, are like, 'Uh, how do I hook up this water filter?' Ok well first, you hook this up to your sink. And like, 'Well, I don't have a sink.'

Merlin Mann chuckling in the background.

Dan Benjamin: "Here's how to get this...right.."

Merlin Mann: "Let me get you a different pamphlet."

Dan Benjamin: "And you know Marco, that's an excellent point. It is a very very different world on the other side."

The best description I've heard, in years, about the differences and difficulties in developing open standards oriented web applications on a Macintosh vs a PC platform. You need to listen to the 5by5 Special #4: Kindacritial which aired yesterday.

Five Live

From David Smith:

Five Live

An easier way to listen to the 5by5 live stream.

I’m a big fan of the various podcasts on the 5by5 network. These span a variety of topics and subjects, almost all of which I’m interested in. A subset of these shows are recorded while being streamed live. You can listen to them via the 5by5 website (http://5by5.tv/live). I do this for all my favorite shows, but I soon found that I didn’t like having to play them within the browser. So I wrote a Mac menubar application that monitors the feed status and starts playing my favorite shows whenever they start. I’ve been using it myself for months, then decided to share it with other 5by5 fans. It’s called FiveLive. Enjoy. Note: This is just an app made by a fan. It is neither supported by or associated with 5by5. If you're a 5by5 fan, like myself, this is a required app to have. It will make your life measurably better.

The Follow-up To John Siracusa's OS X Lion Review

If you enjoyed John Siracusa's epic OS X 10.7 Lion review, then you should be aware that he does a weekly podcasts on Dan Benjamin's 5by5 podcasting network called "Hypercritical". The most recent episode of Hypercritical, called "Nakedly Optimistic", serves as the first episode in what will probably be a couple episodes that covers his review in more depth (if that's even possible). John covers the details he wasn't able to get to, due to the uncertain deadline he was under depending on when Lion was released to the public. He covers a few mistakes he made, and provides a bit of follow-up to some of the comments he's seen regarding the review. I highly recommend you listen if this sort of thing excites you.

Rode Podcaster Mini-review

While I am not a podcaster (I don't think anyone would find me interesting to listen to for periods greater than 5 minutes) I do use microphones a lot. I Facetime with friends & family, use Skype or WebEx to participate in conference calls when I'm working from home, I use Teamspeak or Ventrilo when gaming online..many varied uses. I've used many headsets over the years and grown increasingly frustrated in being able to find a 1. high quality sounding, 2. durable headset that is still 3. comfortable to wear. It has been my experience that you may only pick two of the three, as no headset that (admitted subjectively) I've used has met all requirements. Please, do not comment or email with suggestions. I'm past that now. Instead my new method is to not restrict myself to just headsets, but instead acquire a very nice microphone and which will allow me to expand my choices to any and all headphones out there. I've found that the ratio of headsets to headphones available is about 100 to 1. I'm confident I can find a headphone I will like. That being said, I recently took Dan Benjamin's recommendations to heart and purchased a Rode Podcaster Dynamic Mic, Rode PSM 1 Shockmount, and a Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom. I've been using this new setup, pictured below, for about 3 days now. I love it. This is much more comfortable than having to keep a headset on all day. For the first time I'm also appreciating the direct feedback you can get by plugging your headset directly into the mic. I may do a more in-depth review in the future, but for now, just know that I highly recommend this. If you find yourself using a mic a lot but also hating the existing choices that are available for headsets, consider a setup like this.