Jawbone's Next Product: Up

Kara Swisher writing for AllThingsD:

The new product is described as “an intelligent, wearable wristband with an application that combines tracking, analysis, social and motivational elements.” Jawbone, which makes a popular Bluetooth headset and also the Jambox wireless speaker, said Up will track a user’s movement, sleep patterns and nutrition. I love my Jambox. If Up is as good I can see this hurting the sales of Fitbit. My wife owns a Fitbit. She has difficulty in charging it and getting it to sync sometimes.

Why Phil Plait Is (Still) Not Worried About His Cell Phone Hurting His Brain

On Tuesday I linked to a CNN article reporting on the World Health Organization's announcement that mobile phone use can increase the risk of cancer. Phil Plait at Discover's Bad Astronomer blog writes:

You may also wish to note what other things are categorized as Group 2B possible carcinogens, including gasoline, pickled vegetables, and (GASP!) coffee. My opinion here is that while a link between cell phones and brain cancer cannot be ruled out, without a strong correlation and a numerical statement about the odds, it seems very unlikely to me that such a connection is something to worry about. I’m far more worried about the dingus in traffic in front of me gabbing to his friend on his phone and causing an accident than I am about me getting brain cancer from my own. Source via John Gruber @ Daring Fireball.