Nest: Initial Impressions

Brett Terpstra, writing on his blog:

Once the Nest is wired up, you just tap it and setup begins. The longest part of the installation was entering my wifi password using the dial, and even that was under a minute. It asks you a few questions about your system (gas or electric, forced air or non, etc.) and boom, it’s ready to go. I so want one of these.

Jawbone's Next Product: Up

Kara Swisher writing for AllThingsD:

The new product is described as “an intelligent, wearable wristband with an application that combines tracking, analysis, social and motivational elements.” Jawbone, which makes a popular Bluetooth headset and also the Jambox wireless speaker, said Up will track a user’s movement, sleep patterns and nutrition. I love my Jambox. If Up is as good I can see this hurting the sales of Fitbit. My wife owns a Fitbit. She has difficulty in charging it and getting it to sync sometimes.