The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice

Over the last two days, this video has went viral across the internet. Doral Chenoweth, a videographer for the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio recorded a homeless man at the intersection of I-71 & Hudson St. in Columbus, Ohio who has a voice made for radio. Watch the video below.

That video was posted on January 3. It is now January 5 and at the time of this writing that video has just over 4 million views. It has gone viral. All of the late night talk shows are talking about him. The NBC, CBS, and ABC news are covering him. Reddit has gone nuts, as they are want to do, going all do-good vigilante on him. Finally, this morning, he was on a Ohio morning talk radio show where he was given a job offer by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Recording is below.

He was also interviewed by the CBS Early Show this morning.

CNN's news coverage: