Mr. and Mrs. Housman

Our florist made a blog post containing some info and pictures from our wedding.

Below are some other pictures taken by my groomsmen at various times during the day with their iPhones.

First Look
First Look

Steffanie and I
Hotel Lobby

At the Hotel
Waiting on the Limo

Steffanie looking in the mirror
Steff seeing herself in the mirror

Bridesmaids bouqets
Bride & Bridesmaid's bouquets

The Cake Topper
Cake Topper

On the way...
On the way to the Inn

The Cake
The Cake

Groom's Boutoneer
Joel's Boutonniere - yes, your eyes do not decieve you. That's 512mb DDR 2 RAM that came out of Steff's Macbook when I upgraded her RAM last year.

Some of the guys, and I
Some of the guys, and I

In the Window
Sunlight in the window

The Bride(@sfeuer) and Groom(me)
During the reception