alright, dyn-O-mite!!

good news update. james bought a pb starter kit so he now has a gun and mask in addition to the co2 tank he already owns. so now i'm only one gun, mask, and co2 tank behind [for leslie]; IF everyone else on my list attends.

tony, me, james, and leslie are a go. mat still doesn't know if he has to work on sat. and cindy hasn't returned my call [so FIDO --fu*k it drive on--] i'll just see you guys on saturday around 1pm... if of course :crossing fingers: the weather doesn't take a turn for the worse and scrub our plans. boooooo.

i have the parts on order to fix/rebuild mikes gun and if they're here by sat morning his gun will hopefully be functional and i'll pick up an extra co2 tank [i need a 2nd one anyway] to go with it and i'll just be a mask short.

anywho, my head hurts from all this logistical crap.

i'm out like the fat kid in dodge-ball. [also don't forget the 5 rules OF dodge-ball: dodge, duck, dive, dip, and dodge. lol]