i shall miss you aaron, but i will dedicate my first kill, even if it has to be a team kill lol... to you. may you heal at an accellerated rate while being attended to every need and want by a fleet of voluptuous women.

as for a quick update on my side, i've still yet to hear from mat, lesli, and cindy. so only three confirmed attendees so far [james, me, tony]. also, one of the guns i had intended on using is still leaking air... i thought i could fix it (and counted it as one of the guns i'd be using) but it sounds like it needs a new valve so that gun is out of this weekends festivities, so if every one from my invitational makes an appearance i'll be two guns short and two masks short [again, b/c i was unable to fix mikes old gun... the valve is leaking]

but i'm attempting to get another gun, and have james buy his own mask. so at best i'll be one gun and one mask short... but at worst i'll be two masks and two guns short. uggh.

anywho we'll figure it out on the field. we can use the extras as hostages or something. hahaha [ooo, and for the record bring the pump shotty... just in case] =p