Ha :), whats up craig!

Yes air is a go for saturday. I just bought the digital scale today so that concludes the parts list needed to fill our own tanks. All we have to do is slap it all together and 50 lbs. of C02 is at our fingertips.

As far as guns and who needs whatsits...I have everyone covered that I am going to bring and may have an extra if A) I fix the gun B) someone doesnt mind using a pump. I spotted my friend some cash and he went out a bought him a new gun, so his busted ass pump gun is free to use given A and B are fullfilled :(. So long as all my guns work and marie gets hers fixed everyone I am bringing will have what they need to play.

I am going to try to show up prior to 12 to set up the air and what not so until then...ill be practicing my disappearing-flying-ninja-shoot-your-ass-while-in-the-air-tactics. So i suggest you hone your skills young padawans for with me comes the darkness and your inevitable demise. Muahahaha! So with that bit of crap, I bid you all adieu.