STEVE!! what's happenin you Goa'uld Ashrak you?

i recently have been blabbing w/ joel and here's the scoop for mine crew. fyi. me, james, and tony for sure. i'm trying to get mat, mikes girlfriend [cindy], as well as another girl-FRIEND [lesli] to attend. so if i'm able to get everyone to attend, i'll be at worst one gun and one mask short. but joel said he had an extra mask, so we'll do a guerilla/russian approach: the man with the ammo follows the guy with the gun, when the guy with the gun falls the man with the ammo picks up the rifle and continues. lol.

i'll know more thurday once mat, cindy, and lesli are all able to commit w/ respect to their
collective schedules; "difficult to see. always in motion is the future." -yoda.

so if enough of my crew craps out I may have an extra gun... but at present it's looking like a full house. =p

also, are we at a point we're ready to fill on the spot? or should i go to dicks to get my
tanks filled prior to saturdays festivities to avoid any possible cluster fu*ks? [p.s. i'm
in w/ the greenback distribution network... perhaps tony and james will want 'in' too. we'll
see about that saturday... but count ME in. i can drop a $20 for starters]