Old Town Suds Re-lauches On Shopify


And now I would like to take some time out from my normal posts about technology, politics, and Cool Stuff I Find On The Internet™ to let you know about my wife's wonderful new website she just re-launched over on Shopify.

As you may or may not know, my wife runs a side business on her own (with minimum lifting of heavy objects help from me) in which she makes homemade soap of various types and sells at local markets. Artisanal, you might even say. Early on, she began hosting via Etsy but Esty's high fees drove her off to her own site, which I helped start on WordPress. She later found a designer to help her make it look a lot better and we were using a plugin called WooCommerce to host our own e-commmerce solution. Due to the clunkiness of this solution, and some of the fees that the payment provider that we had to use with WooCommerce, Steffanie decided she wanted to try out Shopify. With minimum help from me, over the past few weeks she has slowly migrated over and a few days ago she relaunched there.

So far I've been very impressed with the backend dashboard of Shopify and how simple it is, especially for a non-developer/designer type to use. Migrating her color scheme/theme over was very simple and it required minimal effort on my part to solve the one or two technical issues she came across (CSS tweaks ).

So far the experience has been great. Their themes are responsive and look equally great on mobile as well as desktop browsers. If you get a chance, and have a pressing need for bar soap (or other types) check out OldTownSuds.com.