Tweetbot 2.3 Released

Tweetbot is out and contains a ton of new features and improvements. Federico Viticci over at Mac Stories has a fantastic comprehensive review of the new version, but this particular feature caught my attention as I've wanted it for a long time:

Last, some minor touches in version 2.3 will contribute to improving usability and to allowing users customize their timelines to their needs and tastes: retweets from specific users can now be disabled at any time, and it’s possible to quickly open the last saved draft by holding down the tweet compose button. The timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting, and Tweetbot is capable of uploading high-res images when on WiFi. So now those brief acquaintances of mine who I work with or are a friend of a friend who retweet Spa deals or topics I don't care about, I can block without having to go to to toggle that setting.

Tweetbot Gets Streaming in 2.1

Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPad - Tapbots

The Tapbots Blog:

We are excited to announce the release of Tweetbot 2.1. As of this post, the iPhone version is still waiting for review in the App Store queue, but the iPad version has been approved and here’s what’s new: * iPad graphics optimized for the new iPad’s retina display * Streaming (when on WiFi with settings to disable it) * The “new tweets” sound is now limited to mentions, DM’s, and new tweets via pull-to-refresh * Double-tapping on the timeline tab button takes you to last read tweet before going to the top * Improvements to the Tweetmarker service * Camera+ 3.0 Capturing/Editing Support * Bug fixes related to direct messages * Many other bug fixes Loving the update so far. Can't wait for the desktop client to be released. Best Twitter app, by far.

Tweetbot For iPad Is Out

Head over to the Tapbots site to read all about it and watch their excellent Demo video. I have been waiting for this iPad Twitter client for months. To say that I am extremely happy about this launch is an understatement. iMore has a great review up already that does a good job covering the new app. Macworld has a smaller piece as well, by Serenity Caldwell.