Sacks For Sandy

Two awesome people that I know, Leah Reich and Michele Catalano have organized a toy drive for children who were victims of Hurricane Sandy's wrath. It's simple really, you head to the Sacks for Sandy site and click on the link to the Amazon Wishlist for the gift drive. Purchase a gift and make sure you select Michelle as the shipping address (it's a pre-filled in option for you on the shipping page) and the gifts will be delivered to Michelle who will see that they're delivered to kids in an Sandy affected area. There are also ways on the site to donate money directly to the cause, donate your time if you live nearby, or other ways that you can help out. The good news is that initially they had set a goal of 500 gifts. Within 24 hours they've already had 400+ donations so they've upped the goal to 1000 gifts. Please spread the word and consider making a donation yourself.