Live with Phil

Marco Arment has done a wonderful job at explaining why it was such a big deal, and completely awesome thing to do on Apple's part, by having Phil Schiller guest on The Talk Show, live from WWDC. You should go read Marco's well written thoughts about the event as I completely agree with what he said and how he put it. The photos of the event are great too. A big congratulations to John Gruber for having Phil Schiller on. I'm sure it was a thrill to do, and it was well deserved.

With the wrong interviewer, this could’ve been a recitation of PR-friendly softball questions with perfectly designed, talking-point responses that would’ve gone nowhere and benefitted no one. But Apple PR doesn’t want that any more than the audience does.

Or it could’ve been boring questions about hardware rumors that no Apple executive would ever answer. I’ve never seen another interviewer that didn’t waste time on these dead-ends that, in their wildest dreams, might answer questions relevant only for a few short months or years.

But John Gruber is better than that, and we all know it, including Apple.

Please go read it.