Letter of Recommendation

Chris Breen, writing on his site Hair-Breened Ideas:

As you’ve no-doubt heard, Macworld, the company I work for, suffered massive layoffs on Wednesday. Essentially, just about everyone in the masthead was let go. I remain, as do Susie Ochs and Leah Yamshon, and we’ll do our very best to do right by Macworld—we owe it to those who came before and our readers. But I admit that seeing my colleagues leave has been a bit like having everyone around you suddenly raptured while you stand gawking with a ham sandwich shoved halfway in your mouth.

It’s not my business to get into the whys and wherefores, but if you’re of an age where you care about newspapers and print magazines, you’re well aware that publishing has become a very difficult business. Advertising is increasingly hard to come by and readers are unwilling to pay in large enough numbers to keep their favorite publications alive.

It’s easy to blame management because, hey, it’s always The Man, right? But the truth is that Macworld continued as a print publication for as long as it did because the people at the very top had a soft spot for it. They tried every way they could think of to make it work. Regrettably, the realities of economics eventually took hold.


But I’m not here to feed Internet tittle-tattle. Rather, as someone who’s been with Macworld (and MacUser before it) for a very long time, I’d like to provide potential employers (and those who are simply interested in their favorite writers) some details about my departed colleagues.

You should go and read the entirety of his post, which gives a wonderful rundown of his former Macworld colleagues, many of whom are now out of a job. This is an amazing opportunity for companies as all of these talented people would be a tremedous "get" if you could manage to hire them. I suspect they will all have many offers to pick from.

I for one will greatly miss reading their work in Macworld, but am looking forward to reading their work elsewhere as they all now branch out across the Apple journalist community.