The Developer's Dystopian Future

Ed Finkler is a friend of mine by a mutual acquantaince and location (he went to college and lives in the hometown of my wife; a mutual friend used to work for my wife's dad during college who owned a book store in town). And thus I am happy to be able to link to this post that Ed made on Sunday:

I find myself more and more concerned about my future as a developer. …

My tolerance for learning curves grows smaller every day. New technologies, once exciting for the sake of newness, now seem like hassles. I’m less and less tolerant of hokey marketing filled with superlatives. I value stability and clarity.

Marco Arment, another friend (who I don't think knows Ed personally...small world) took Ed's post to heart and largely agreed with it:

I feel the same way, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve lost almost all interest in being a web developer. The client-side app world is much more stable, favoring deep knowledge of infrequent changes over the constant barrage of new, not necessarily better but at least different technologies, libraries, frameworks, techniques, and methodologies that burden professional web development.

Go read both posts.