Pragmatic Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, you should be listening to Pragmatic. Their most recent episode, I'll Take The Gold-Free Extra Oxygen Cable Please is a wonderful example of the type of episode you can expect from this podcast.  Hosts John Chidgey and Ben Alexander do an excellent job of picking engineering or tech-related topics and breaking down the specifics behind how something works.


For instance, this week's show goes into the details of audio and video cables. I always knew that "gold plated" cables were a ripoff and thus bullshit. Thanks to this week's show, John and Ben have explained just exactly why that is. Over the past four months of listening to this podcast I've grown to love it more with each episode, and it has been promoted to my "must listen to" playlist in my current podcast listening app of choice. You should go subscribe to Pragmatic right now.

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