Elevation Dock With Lightning Adapter

Marco Arment, writes:

The primary appeal of the original Elevation Dock was the ease of removing your iPhone from it. Apple’s crappy little docks were so lightweight that you’d need to annoyingly hold them down while removing the phone, often requiring two hands. Elevation Lab made a great video on Kickstarter demonstrating how frustrating other docks were, and showing how easily the iPhone lifted out of their heavy base with their custom, low-friction connector. We all saw that video and knew that frustration, and that’s why they were able to far surpass their Kickstarter goal so easily. And with the iPhone 4S, it really did work that well, once we eventually got our Elevation Docks. But with the Lightning adapter, the Elevation Dock works like all of the other docks in that video. Marco summed up my exact experiences with our adapters. While I'm glad it looks good sitting on my desk, the grippiness of the Lightning cable into the iPhone 5's Lightning port is tight. This would be a good thing, normally, just not in this situation. Read his entire piece.