Today I learned about a great new (to me) service that allows you to create your own personalized Podcast feed of audio you fine on the web. Perhaps I'm late to the game on this, but I had never heard of it before. The service, called Huffduffer, sports a tastefully designed site which I appreciate. The user interface is intuitive and simple. I first saw mention of Huffduffer over on the website of one of my new favorite podcasts, Roderick on the Line. Merlin Mann, one of the co-hosts of the podcast, has enabled a "Huffduff It" link at the bottom of each post. Curious as to just what Huffduffing was, I soon found out what Huffduffer did. I love it. I pass a lot of my time during the week while working, coding, doing chores around the house, cooking, etc… by listening to podcasts, mostly from Dan Benjamin's great 5by5 network but sometimes NPR. Occasionally I find one-off episodes of some random podcast I want to listen to, or a random interview of someone I manage to find in audio form. Gone is the old, tired, and tedious was of having to drag random audio files into iTunes in order to get them on my iPhone or iPad to listen to, only to then get out of my house and realize I forgot to configure that particular audio file to sync (I selectively sync only certain podcasts/music to different devices). Huffduffer allows you to create your own new personalized podcast RSS feed, and easily add random bits of audio you find around the web to that feed. iTunes treats it just line any other podcast, and downloads the audio. Once setup, that feed is always set to sync to your respective devices, so it works beautifully. From the best I cans tell, the service is free. This worries me, because I don't want the service to be sold to some behemoth corporation which will ruin it, or to have ads on it. My only request would be for Huffduffer to charge money to its users customers so that we can insure it continues to operate successfully. You may be interested in subscribing to my own Huffduffer feed.