Efficient Victories

It's the little things. Sometimes the smallest things make me very happy. Other people probably think these small things are ridiculous to get excited over, yet, they make me smile. Each day, when ascending the first up-escalator from the Foggy Bottom Metro Platform the rush of commuters walk along the right-side wall toward the turnstiles. The turnstiles are positioned at a oblique angle from the onrush of walking commuters, and thus, most walk towards the closest turnstile at the point of the angle, because their lizard brains tell them this is the closest turnstile, and thus, the shortest route. Once through this turnstile, however, they must walk in an arc to turn the curved corner and head for the last up-escalator to ascend to street level. Instead of listening to my lizard brain and heading for this first turnstile, I take 3 steps further than everyone else and proceed through a turnstile further up the "angled" row of turnstiles. Once going through, this allows me to walk in a straight line to clear the corner. Ninety nine percent of the time, this action causes me to jump ahead of everyone else because they end up having to walk farther to turn the corner, in their arc path they are forced to walk, due to their earlier, lazy, decision to walk to the closest turnstile. Again - small victory. But it makes me happy.