Clueless Commenter Of The Week

This morning I was attempting to read John Gruber's link to Daniel Bailey's article he wrote earlier this week entitled, "Apple, Is It Time To Shut Safari Down?". Apparently, due to everyone across the entire Internet pointing and laughing at Daniel over this absurd article where he almost goes a whole sentence at one point before getting a fact wrong, his article has been pulled down. It was pulled down at ConceivablyTech, The Motley Fool, Extremetech, and a few other places that syndicate his drivel. Luckily, Google still has the article cached. The article, as Gruber said on Daring Fireball, was as bad as I expected it to be. However, the comments were particularly bad. This one takes the cake though:

Justin Clements: I have never understood these "browser wars". I just want a browser that displays a web site. How hard is it to understand that? MS introduce IE8, because IE7 was bad? Firefox release 4 (or 5, i dunno) because 3 was awful? Safari 5 because 4 was so bad? I don't get it. No Justin, you do not.