New Futurama Icon Set Released From the Iconfactory

If you're a long time Mac & Twitter user, then you're probably familiar with The Iconfactory, makers of the original native Mac Twitter client, Twitterrific. Gedeon Maheux, Principal/Designer, at The Iconfactory just released Volume 7 of their long running freeware Futurama icon cet. This latest set is called 'Extras' and is comprised with many of the supporting characters of the show. This icon set has been long in the making, with Volume 1 having been released back in August of 2005. Each icon set is available for Mac or Windows. Also, if you own a license to The Iconfactory's Candybar App, you can download the icon set in a Candybar compatible container file. If you want to download all 7 volumes of this set, you can do so on their Web site.