Good Luck With That

John Gruber posted this over at Daring Fireball:

Stuart Sumner for Computing:

Apple cannot continue to lock down its iOS platform and restrict the types of software developed for it, says security firm Kaspersky’s CTO Nikolay Grebennikov. Speaking to Computing, he said: “Apple simply can’t continue with its current closed approach, and in my opinion, to remain competitive it should be looking to open up its platform within a year.” “The Android platform, which is growing its market share, is much more open than the Apple iOS and it’s easier to create new applications for Android, including security software,” said Grebennikov. MacDailyNews’s translation: “We wish Apple would make its platform insecure like Google, so that we can sell ‘security’ to hundreds of millions of iOS users.” The consumer software "security" industry have largely been leeches on the backs of consumers for the past 10 years. In the early 90's when they started out, they were mostly doing good - writing good software that solved a problem. When they stagnated in the mid-90s they began to peddle bloatware and drum up fear around every major virus/trojan that came out in order to scare customers into buying their software. They're new way of competing was to further bloat their products with crap that people didn't near or to 'out-scare' their competitors. Now that Apple is taking hold in the desktop and mobile markets, they're scared shitless because Apple customers simply do not need their crapware any longer. The emperor has no clothes. There are no words to describe how much I cannot wait to see them all go away. Although they'll probably go kicking and screaming on the way down with their cries growing increasingly frantic about how you're all going to die unless you are buy their Norton MacAfee Virus Checker 3000 Deluxe Edition Pro™. Fuck those guys.