Day 5 Mid Day: Even Better

Let's go for a walkThe pain lessens and worsens every few hours around the time her meds wear off and it's time for more. She woke up early this morning at 6:30 and has been up since, with a brief nap around lunchtime. She's moving around even more now and has a little more flexibility in her arms. It is very hard for her to raise her arms above shoulder length because of the nature of how that pulls & stretches the back of her neck (the wound). She's going to attempt to take a shower for the first time since Sunday this afternoon, after we walk down to our apartment lobby to pick up a package. I offered to do it but she insists on coming too (I think she's beginning to want to get out of the apartment some). She is disappointed that they're calling for this possible snow/cold weather this weekend because it means she wont be able to get outside any. Her stomach was upset last night, all night long, but cleared up this morning around mid-morning. She's starting to use her new MacBook Pro now and even managed to type out a post of her own yesterday afternoon. When the pain doesn't have her in bed clutching a pillow, she's getting back to her regular self. Her sense of humor is back. Her appetite is back. She's watching TV and using her iDevices regularly now. Oh, and we scheduled her follow-up appointment with the wonderful Dr. Weingart. She gets her staples out next Thursday. Oh, and she kicked me out of the apartment this morning long enough to scavenge the barren wasteland that is the shelves of northern Virginia stores that sell iPad 2's for long enough for me to acquire one of my own.