The Daily Show in Washington DC (Tuesday taping)

My wife, Steffanie, and I lucked out and got tickets to today's (Tuesday) taping of The Daily Show here in Washington DC. We saw them when they were first posted online, back in August, and managed to reserve 2 of them.

Fast forward to today, we both took the afternoon off work and ventured to the Sydney Harmon Theatre in Chinatown. We were some of the first people to arrive, securing a spot 5th in line around 1:30 pm. We proceeded to wait until about 3:45 before they let us in the building but they held us in the lobby until 5:10 due to the fact that we overheard that rehearsal was still going on. Asaf Manvi, John Oliver and Olivia Munn passed by us up the stairs as we were waiting and I managed to get pictures of Oliver and Munn.

John Oliver saying hi to us in line @tbd #dailyshow -

By 5:00 we were in our seats (first row, just right of the middle if you're facing the audience!) but had to wait a further hour, until about 6:00 before the warm-up comedian came out to talk to the audience. At around 6:15 Jon Stewart came out and spoke to the audience for a short bit, taking a few questions. From my seat, I had a spectacular view and was only about 10 feet from where he stood while taking questions.

Shortly thereafter the show began. Their first segment started off with a continuing bit about the various correspondents getting around in DC. One particular segment had one of the correspondents ending up on K Street, although in SE instead of NW (he was looking for the lobbyists) which drew the biggest laughs from the crowd.

Another VERY funny clip from the first segment features lots of video from Republican candidates + John McCain saying how they wanted to change Washington. Jon then showed clips from John McCain for each year going back to 1984 saying the exact same thing over and over again. My second favorite bit from the show, I think.

The middle segment was a continuation of some Daily Show viewers who were on a 'bus trip' to DC for the rally on Saturday featuring Jason Jones and John Oliver. Again, this clip was very funny but was "to be continued" until tomorrow night.

The guest interview was with Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman who discussed how well the Senate has gotten legislation passed since Obama has taken office and what some problems are with Washington and money.

As we were standing to leave, some of the crew walked down the first row handing some of us pieces of John's blue papers. We managed to get all of the interview questions he had for the Senator as well as the cue card words from the "Global" introduction they taped after the show for the international viewers

Below is a slide show of all the pics I snapped on my iPhone 4. I had very limited access once inside the theatre as they were strict about mobile phone use. I managed to snap 1 pic and a 2 second video of the set as I was leaving.

Updated: The episode of The Daily Show that we saw live is now up on The Daily Show website.