The Making Of How To Use An Escalator In DC

Several weeks ago, just after this launched, I had an idea for a site of my own. The idea brewed for a few days, and then one night after getting home from work, I spent a few hours coding and $10 to register a domain. I made

It was a Thursday or a Friday, and any web designer/developer worth his/her salt knows that you launch websites on a Monday or Tuesday, for those are the highest traffic days of the week. The next week came. I was busy, or not in the mood - I forget why exactly. The next week I was on vacation in San Francisco. The next week I was back at work, but similarly busy. But today...around 12 noon I thought. Why not? Why not today? At 1:00 pm I sent out a tweet to a few select DC Twitter friends.

Shortly thereafter it went viral via tweets. That's when @unsuckDCMetro retweeted this.

And then this this happened at 3:00 pm.

And then THIS happened at 3:45 pm.

As of 5:00 pm I've picked up 50 followers on twitter. This blog has seen an increase from 20 unique visitors today to 250+ with 560 pageviews. And has blew through 5000+ uniques with 10,000 pageviews just now. The numbers were 1/2 this just an hour ago.

Hi Mom, I'm famous.

Update: As of 9:10 pm est, has just topped 12,300 unique visitors with 30,000+ page views.