Is Google far too much in love with engineering?

Great article by Chris Matyszczyk at CNET:

Google does many interesting and clever things. But, at this stage of its development, its office does seem to be full of too many people with the emotional maturity of Dwight Schrute.

At a time when the company needs to create more products that become an essential part of real people's lives, it often seems incapable of communicating the worth and, dare one suggest, the magic of such products to those very people.

I think he hits some very good points with this piece. Also, read the article above and with that knowledge, read the piece by Jon Lech Johansen discussing Google's Mismanagement of the Android Market

Sometimes I get frustrated with Apple's iTunes App Store due to difficulties I have in finding new and interest apps. I've never owned an Android phone. I've never even seen the Android Market. After reading these articles I am even more grateful for the efforts Apple expends to curate their own app store.