Tweetie 2 for iPhone and Mac Has Been Announced

Within the last 24 hours, two notable reviews have been posted of the upcoming Tweetie 2 for the iPhone which is a complete re-write of the source code of the app. 

I highly recommend both to learn more about the upcoming features and improvements to the app:


Loren Brichter, the developer of Tweetie, posted a tweet today stating that he submitted the final build of 2.0 to Apple on the night of Sept. 29th for Apple to review & post to the App Store. I hope sooner, rather than later, considering recent App Store approval controversies.

Yesterday, after Loren's initial blog post announcing the upcoming App improvements, I @'ed him to ask if he would please restore the wonderful blue color the initial version 1.0 used (on the mac)  to highlight tweets as you scrolled through them with your keyboard arrow keys. Shortly after 1.0 was removed, a certain percentage of it's users complained about this color choice. Loren chose to remove the blue and set it to white. I was a part of the OTHER group of users that hated the new white color, but preferred the original blue.   He responded to me via his @atebits_support account, and while I wish he would have been a little more specific, I now look forward to a color selection drop down box. Hopefully.

I wont even begin to go into all of the upcoming new features and changes to the app. That's why I linked the two reviews above. Read those. I will say that, after reading those, I'm looking forward to Tweetie 2 with earnest on both my Mac and iPhone.