Tuzworld.com is no more.

When I first attained internet access from our small local ISP in my hometown of Rocky Mount VA, my first online community I joined was the Emperor's Hammer, a online gaming community based and organized around the theory that we were all members of the Imperial Fleet. Rather than go into a further explaination of what this organization's purpose was, you can go find out for yourself from the link above. The reason I'm telling you this, is that I needed a screename. I chose Tuz due to it being short, easy to spell and easy to remember. This worked very well for me, for years, until the late 90's when many sites started having minimum character counts for many of their login names. I added Y2K to this, as this was the year I graduated highschool, in 2000. Tuz became Tuzy2k.

Anywho - in 1998, when I first decided on a domain name for my website, I came up with Tuzworld. This site was originally just a page of links for my own purposes. In 2003 it became a blogger account and in 2005 was exported into a Wordpress install. It is 2009 and I've now decided to move to squarespace.....and ditch tuzworld.com. I get a lot of questions as to what Tuzworld means, and to me, it meant something but to many other people - it doesn't. Furthermore, I want to be identified with what I do online with myself in the offline world. To this reason I've went with the new, completely unoriginal, JoelHousman.com