Something Exciting at Macworld After All?

According to Andy Ihnatko via Twitter he has "...dug up the coolest top-secretest Apple news of the year. I haven't seen a RUMOR about this".

When the big news hit from Apple that the Stevenote this year wasn't going to be a Stevenote at all, but rather, a Keynote by Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller, most of the non-tech community (or anti-apple tech community....the microsoft neckbeard types) jumped to conclusions that it was due to Steve Jobs's health. I, like many others, am in agreement that it isn't about that at all. More likely it's just Apple not wanting to be stuck to structured deadline and all of the intense pressure that comers with it to wow us all every January. Also, one other thing struck me that everyone else seemed to overlook....who's to say that Steve Jobs wont be there and wont be on stage after all? Phil Schiller does the what? What is to stop Phil from coming out, speaking for 30 minutes about Snow Leopard and going over a few hardware updates etc etc and near the end of the Keynote, Steve Jobs walks out and says, "Surprise! One More Thing..."

Which brings me back to the subject of the information that Andy Ihnatko has came across. Andy further posted about it on his blog today.

For all my laziness this morning, I did manage to have a full day. Was picked up from the airport by a pal, had a Mexican lunch that couldn’t be beat, copped a free ride to my hotel, realized to my delight that I wasn’t nearly as wrecked a I thought I’d be (after a 2 AM departure and no sleep except what I got on the plane), so made a quick trip back to Japantown for an assault on the Way Cool Stationery Store At The Mall, copped a quick nap and then met another pal for a dinner of tapas that coudn’t be beat, followed by a quick tour of the Castro.

And there was even a small bit of Business. I now have a piece of information that will put a big damned smile on the face of any Apple fan. Just a big, fist-pumping expression of glee.

No, I can’t tell you what it is.

Yes, I’m just a big no-fun jerk.

See, before I was told this thing, I agreed to go off the record. Then I was told that thing, and I immediately said that I took back what I said about going off the record because this was just too damned cool. But…a promise is indeed a promise. I wouldn’t even be saying this much if I hadn’t cleared it first.

Ok Andy, you have me on the edge of my seat now.