The Votes Are In: BlackBerry Storm Sucks

The article below makes me even happier to know I'll have an iPhone myself, soon - Joel

Though Verizon says the Storm is its fastest selling handset yet, the touchscreen phone is also generating more negative buzz than any BlackBerry before.

Consumers and journalists are beating the Storm to a bloody pulp, with very few defending Research In Motion's response to the popular iPhone.'

The most vicious review on the Storm comes from New York Times columnist David Pogue. He ripped the Storm to oblivion last week, calling it the 'BlackBerry Dud.' And on Thursday he published some reader responses that couldn't agree with him more.

'Having tried the Storm on two different days to make sure it was
really as bad as it seemed the first time, I too find it unbelievable
that these are for sale,' a reader wrote to Pogue. 'Verizon should just box all these Storms up
and send them to Toys R Us, who can sell them in the Brainteaser
section, right next to the Rubik's Cubes.'

Verizon and RIM unleashed the Storm on Nov. 21. Sporting a 4-inch touchscreen, the handset is Verizon's attempt to compete with Apple's phenomenally successful iPhone. The resonating complaints about the Storm suggest the handset is not going to pose a threat to Steve Jobs' revolutionary phone.'s Danny Dumas wasn't too pleased with the Storm, either: His major complaint was the operating system is a piece of garbage that doesn't do justice to 'a piece of hardware this gorgeous.'

And a quick Twitter search doesn't display much love for the Storm.

'Coworker just got a new Blackberry Storm,' tweets Jeff Casemier. 'It is a wonky P.O.S. Just F.Y.I.'' '

The complaints are likely only to get worse and more widespread: The phone's only two weeks old, and Verizon says the Storm is selling as fast as bacon-wrapped hot dogs outside a bar.

We're eager to hear what Gadget Lab readers have to say. Any of you out there with a Storm? How's it treating you? Let us know in the comments below.

(Via Wired: Gadget Lab.)