More Good News For Hillary [Link List]

I usually try to pick out 3 or 4 notable articles I see on a daily basis & post them here, with accreditation (or I paraphrase). Today there are so many that I should I would just write a rather long post chronicling the torrent of positive Obama news.

A Wake-Up Call For Hillary by Maureen Doud

Why Obama Will Go All The Way by John Farr

How Did The Clinton Campaign Get There by Peter Nicholas

Marc Andreesen on Obama - and an hour and a half conversation he had with him early in 2007, Insightful. Read more. (Thanks to Leo Laporte for this.)

The Dallas Morning News Endorses Obama today.

Obama's grassroots & union endorsers are packing a much bigger punch than the Hillary ones.

Hillary Raised $35 million is February and harps on this fact loudly. Oh yeah? The Obama campaign, while not releasing specifics, raised at least $50 million - perhaps significantly more.

Wonkette tells how the top Hillary Campaign advisors are all fighting amongst themselves trying to point fingers at who was really in charge of the Clinton Campaign. No you did it, no you did, no you, &tc &tc.

DailyKOS has a post about how one of its dairy writers came across a group of African American's standing on a street corner in Texas all holding Hillary signs. When asked what group they were a member of by a reporter, they all admitted they were paid to stand there and hold the signs by the Clinton Campaign.

I am now saying this: I may look stupid or overly hopeful tomorrow night or I may seem like an astute observer of trends/polls over the past 2 months of this primary season. Obama will beat Hillary in Texas by 5-8%. Obama will beat Hillary in Ohio by 1-3%.

All that is left now is to wait and see.