Live Ticker of Obama Donations

With the news being released over night that Hillary Clinton had to donate 5 million of her own wealth to her campaign a few days before Super-Duper Tuesday due to financial crisis, the Obama campaign has responded with a donation campaign showing the total of donations made by supporters since the polls closed on Tuesday. The image below is a live ticket (updated every few minutes) showing the donation totals so far.


“Obama’s financial superiority is straining the Clinton campaign at this point. That’s reflected in how he spread the field on her in Super Tuesday.  His ability to advertise in more states than she did, to put more resources on the ground than she did,” gave Obama an edge, said Anthony Corrado, an expert on campaign finance at Colby College." - from The Politico.

"Source says they have “voluntarily chosen to work without pay this month” as part of Clinton cash crush against Obama moola factory." - Time Magazine online.

On this news this morning, I promptly made my first donation to the Obama campaign - my first donation ever to any politician - and added a donation campaign widget to the right-nav of this website. How about them apples.