Sean Taylor Dies Overnight

taylor.jpgAfter what was thought to be a succesful surgery, Redskins safety Sean Taylor died earlier this morning in Florida. His wounds -- a gunshot to his femoral artery, causing significant blood loss -- proved to be too much for his body to recover from. He was shot in what police are calling a home invasion on Monday.

In a statement posted on the team's website, owner Dan Snyder said, "This is the worst imagineable tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sean's family." Over at the Post's Redskins Insider blog, Jason La Canfora sums up what many football fans in the area are feeling:

The scene out at Redskins Park is grim. A single bouquet of white roses sits propped up against the doors to the main entrance of the facility. The PR staff is sullen, their loss palpable. The parking lot is half full, although some coaches and team officials are inside. Employees are arriving in silence.

The sky has been overcast, save for a few minutes of glistening morning sun slicing through the clouds. A howling wind is whipping through the trees in the distance. Even the air feels thick.

Our thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and the Redskins community at large. We'll have more reactions as the day goes by.

(Via DCist.)