Twitter Updates for 2007-11-19

  • curse dallas - curse you #

  • Painless metro commute; arrived at work on time; normal monday morning stupid IT issues; starbucks; skimming rss; So far so good. #

  • Possible date tonight & movie....that is if my date doesn't succumb to her possibly increasing deterioration of health. #

  • Twitter is converting my url (which is less than 140 characters) into TinyURL. The Irony? Its a URL to a blog post criticizing TinyURL. #

  • Quote from an economics professor I once studied under: "Zee horns on zee bull go up. Zee claws on zee bear go down. Today is a claw day." #

  • Updated post: Do Tiny URL Services Weaken Net Architecture? TinyURL Outage Highlights Possible Issues #

  • @parcelbrat code monkey very simple man, with farm fuzzy secret heart, code monkey like you #

  • @Nagumo You need a profile pic you newb. #

  • There is no patch for human stupidity. I am saddened at which the degree some people drink the Faux News koolaid. #