Hosting Issues

Domain/Web Host

I've migrated web hosts and am rebuilding Tuzworld from the ground up with a new wordpress theme. This process has been a long time coming due to the fact that my wordpress version has been woefully neglected for a very long time. I'm now running the newest Wordpress on a managed hosting provider that will keep Wordpress up-to-date in the future so as to minimize code upgrading headaches.


Anyone that was still using their email addresses let me know and I can setup your account again on this new host along w/ give you access to your old boxes so you can still get your email.


Well, specifically to Bruce: Sharpmud still exists at Also you can access the CPanel for the old Tuzworld at I can setup Sharpmud on this new hosting provider as well if you would like, plus, there are some other options available to us that we didn't have at the old host. Give me a call when you read this at 540 263 0557.

Chic In DC and Change Your Stripes: I will migrate your sites over as well within the next week.