Twitterrific 2.1

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You either love or hate Twitter, the simple web phenom that asks, 'What are you doing?' We here at TUAW are unabashedly in the 'love' column, and our love for Twitter is greatly enhanced by the Iconfactory's free Twitter client, Twitterrific.

We wrote about the Twitterrific 2.1 Beta not too long ago, and now the final version of Twitterriffic 2.1 is available for download. New in 2.1 are:

  • Support for multiple logins

  • Enhanced Applescripting

  • Growl support

  • Dragging of tweets into other apps (it pastes the tweet's permalink into the app)

And a host of other small enhancements. Twitterriffic 2.1 is free, Universal, and available now.
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(Via TUAW.)