VA Tech: Jamie Bishop, son of sf writer Michael Bishop, among victims

Xeni Jardin:

BP says,

One of the victims in the VT shooting was Christopher James Bishop (Jamie Bishop), a German Instructor. He was teaching German language but was also a skilled Academic Tech Liaison who knew his way around applications.

He kept a site of his work and projects here (Link) along with a portfolio. Some of the design work is pretty impressive, and he cites influences including Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller. His illustrations are in the portfolio under ‘illo’ and his flash and web work might be of interest to bb readers. (see his use of flash to teach lyrics to a German rap song, here: (Link).

The NY Times has a short piece about him here (Link).

His father is the [Hugo & Locus Award winning] science fiction writer Michael Bishop.

More on the murder of Christopher James Bishop at Making Light, here, and many blogs and livejournals including this one here. (Thanks, Freddie).

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