How to play a video game on paper

When you want to play a video game, but can't because you don't have one, or your parents say you can't play it? What if you want play a game in school, in the car or anywhere and your GameBoy is dead? If your 'rents are using the TV? What to do to cure that boredom? Try this.


  1. Get a blank piece of paper.

  2. Draw some sort of monster on it, but don't fill up the page. Use a pencil so you can erase when he gets hurt.

  3. Give it a name and a health bar.

  4. Draw two smaller characters. You can make them up yourself.

  5. Give your characters names and health bars. Write a 100 above each health bar.

  6. Draw a magic bar

  7. Think up some attacks for your characters, and a few for the boss too. They should do varying amounts of damage the strong ones use magic.

  8. Have one of your characters attack. Subtract the attack value from the enemy.

  9. Have the characters take turns attacking. You can play with your characters on the same team, or you can have all three go at it.

  10. Once the boss is down to zero health, you have advanced to Level 2. Reward yourself by unlocking something like power Armor or Fire Arrow or a new character. One idea is that every level you unlock a Fusion ability, which lets you merge two characters into one.

  11. Once you're on level 2, keep going. There's really no limit in levels--just your imagination.

  12. Then, finally sit in your room for hours on end, and your parent will think your doing something naughty, but you're just playing VIDEO GAMES!


  • Add 10 HP whenever you gain a level. Experiment with different attack powers.

  • Try playing co-op--you control one character and a friend controls the other or 1 on 1 battle.

  • To make yourself more motivated, plan out attacks for your characters to learn on later levels, like Meteor smash on Level Five.

  • For the Health Bar, make a narrow box but don't fill it. Whenever the character gets hurt color in some of the bar to represent damage or when you use a healing move rub out some damage and when the bar's all colored...well, you're dead.


  • People might think you are weird

  • Don't tell your friends who play D&D about this, unless you want them to try and recruit you for their next session

Things You'll Need

  • paper

  • pencil

  • ideas

  • eraser.

  • no life