The Internet Is Not A Truck, Its A Series Of Tubes!

Courtesy of Techdirt:

It's not too often that content around here becomes comedy fodder for The Daily Show, but lately it seems like the writers over there have really been picking up on some of the issues that we like to discuss -- such as blaming violent video games for youth violence. Last week, of course, Jon Stewart took on Senator Stevens and his tubes, while also combining it with the silly anti-gambling legislation. Apparently, that story was a big enough hit (net neutrality? funny?!?) that The Daily Show writers have gone back for more. On last night's episode, Jon Stewart revisited the issue, asking "resident expert" John Hodgman to explain net neutrality. Hodgman, of course, is a well known humorist -- known for his work on NPR's This American Life and his recent book, The Areas of My Expertise. Sometime last year, he also joined The Daily Show as the show's "resident expert," expounding on all sorts of topics over which his knowledge was profoundly confused. However, in the last month or so, he's become a lot more well known outside of these circles as "the PC guy" from the new Apple Mac commercials. Given all that, his explanation of net neutrality is in his usual style, completely silly, but somewhat telling just the same.

Again click here to watch the Daily Show clip from last night.