George Mason News Quotes:

The Daily Show:

Jon Stewart: Welcome back, before we go, as always lets check in with Steven Colbert at the Colbert Report. Steven my friend...

Steven Colbert: Jon, how about George Mason U. Number 11 seed going to the final four. Amazing Snow White story.

Jon Stewart: I think you mean, uh, Cinderella story.

Steven Colbert: Nope, Snow White. The way they've played its as if they've been befriended by seven basketball dwarves. Shootey, Passey, Reboundey, etc, you fill in the rest. UConn looked into the magic mirror and was told the fairest one of all, was not them. Yes Jon, they may have huffed and puffed but UConn could not blow George Mason's house down.

Jon Stewart: Now, now thats the three little pigs...

Steven Colbert: (laughing) Three Jon? A basketball team has 5 players. Thats why they're called a pride.

Jon Stewart: (pauses and doesn't know what to say) We...We'll see you in a second Steven.

Steven Colbert: George Mason what big ears you have!

Jon Stewart: Alright, thats our show...

CBS Senior Writer Gregg Doyle:
Which means: George Mason's going to win. Not because George Mason can handle Florida's frontcourt -- George Mason can't. And not because George Mason's guards are that much better than Florida's -- they aren't. It says here that George Mason will win for one very simple reason: Because I'm not picking George Mason to lose again. Not in this tournament. If George Mason beats Florida -- after George Mason beats Florida -- I'll be picking the Patriots to beat LSU. Or UCLA. Or the 1940 Chicago freaking Bears.

Nobody performs or executes like George Mason. You listening, Florida? You got that, LSU and UCLA? George Mason has gone from something fluky to something fun to something ferocious.

Today now that George Mason has beaten UConn to get into the Final Four, people are going to write about David and Goliath.
What if George Mason is Goliath?