Welcome to Tuzworld 2.0

This is a beta color scheme. I want to stick with the earthy pastels but if ANY of you have suggestions for a different shade to turn any element of the page to(links, headers etc etc) please get in touch with me. I want feedback!

Anywho, I've migrated over to Wordpress which is based off of PHP and the backend of the site now runs on MUCH MUCH cleaner code and is 100% XHTML and CSS 2.0 compliant (suck on it Microsoft). You will also notice a lot of the links on the side columns are gone. NEVER FEAR! Check the top left box above Daily Brief to find some new additional pages. I added these so as to keep the useful, although, less used links while also speeding up the page loading times as I know some of you use this page as your homepage.

Any of you that have been able to post in the past on Blogger....go to the bottom of the right column and you should find a login field. Your old blogger logins/passwords /should/ work. If they don't let me know. Furthermore, all of the posts from Tuzworld 1.0 have been preserved and are all located in the archives(because yes, I'm -that- badass). So if you really hate the color scheme I apologize - just talk to me about it...I'm open to ideas. I just thought it was time for a change.