Letterman Slams O"Reilly

Summary: On CBS' Late Show with David Letterman, Bill O'Reilly resurrected his false claim that a Wisconsin elementary school banned the singing of the Christmas hymn "Silent Night," erroneously attributing the school's changed lyrics to political correctness. In fact, the new lyrics were merely part of a 1988 Christmas play called The Little Tree's Christmas Gift. Later in the interview, Letterman admonished O'Reilly, asserting, "I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap."

Oh it gets better too... Notable quotes:

Letterman: I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap...

Letterman: [on O'Reilly's phony "War on Christmas"] I don't this is an actual threat. I think this is something that happened here and it happened there and so people like you are trying to make us think that it's a threat.
Letterman: "See, I'm very concerned about people like yourself who don't have nothing but endless sympathy for a woman like Cindy Sheehan. Honest to Christ."
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