**************LAN PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT**************
Re: Winter LAN Larty 2005/2006
When: December 30th - ???
Where: Housman Residence, the 2 car garage LAN hut.

Heating: We will have a Kerosene heater & the salamander but it is STRONGLY advised to bring blankets so we don't all die of fumes as I would like to try to run the salamander as little as possible.

Equipment: Please bring a chair and an ethernet cord for yourself(I seem to be in short supply of them).

If you have any of these games, try to have them pre-installed, patched to the latest version and cracked if necessary. If you don't have them, do not fear, I have made images of them already and they will be available on the network for you to mount as a virtual drive.

DIABLO 2 (We're bringing back the classics)
Serious Sam 2
Call of Duty 2
Flat Out
Unreal Tournament 2004
Warcraft 3
Age of Empires 3
Civilization 4 (Civ4 and AOE3 are just time killers for the few fans of these games)

So far the people who are coming are: Jacob, Jonathan, Ryan, Ken, Robbie, Neil, Steve, Mike Jamison, Craiggers, and myself.