Jack Thompson is Insane.
(The following is quoted from Slashdot's Summary)

The latest developments in the ongoing saga between Miami Attorney Jack Thompson and Penny-Arcade. So far the story goes that Jack has filed a wrongful death suit against Rock Star, claiming that GTA is a cop killing training simulator responsible for the murder of a pair of cops. He also offered $10k to charity if anyone who would develop some ridiculous murder spree game. When someone did it, and he changed his mind and Penny-Arcade donated the cash instead. All of this is being documented on the Penny Arcade website, in phone calls, rants and comics, as well as an 'I Hate Jack Thompson' T-Shirt. He has now called the cops claiming harassment. Update: 10/18 17:40 GMT by Z : It seems like this confrontation has been brewing all summer. The most recent altercation is just another link in the chain made by Thompson's reaction to Hot Coffee and his crusade against the Sims 2. Further, PA has put up the scan of the letter to the cops, and a photo of the check.

Penny Arcade's whole timeline of events.

Gamespot Article that has further information about how Thompson didn't even fax the Seattle cops until after Gamespot published that when they spoke with the cops, they had recieved no fax(He was bluffing).

Correspondance between VGCats and Thompson(VG is another web comic)

Ctrl Alt Del's take on Thompsons 10k Video Game Offer

Wikipedia Article summarizing what an idiot Thompson is.

Here are some favorite quotes of things he has said:

In an interview with the Sun-Sentinel, Thompson expressed his views on Islam:

"The Bible doesn't promote killing innocent people," Thompson said. "Grand Theft Auto does. Islam does. Islam promotes the killing of innocent people. The Quran requires the infidel, whether Jew or Christian, to be killed. � That's a core essence of the religion. � Muhammad
was a pirate who killed infidels and who advocated the killing of infidels. Not a nice guy.
Osama bin Laden is in keeping with his fine tradition."

In 1988 Thompson was the unsuccessful Republican challenger to Janet Reno for the Office of Dade County State Attorney. Following this, as the "Man in Miami" for NewsMax.com, he made a series of allegations regarding Reno, met with incredulity in the press, claiming among other things that: she was a closet lesbian suffering from various mental disorders as side effects of Parkinson's medication, and that she was being blackmailed by the Mafia.